…but they don’t like working where it’s hot.

When the temperature is up, it’s time to break out the summer kitchen. It can be the porch, backyard or in our case, a dedicated area with two barbecues and a fire pit, plus a spot for a large electric enamel cooker or maybe a crackpot.

This is what we have on the menu to beat this summer heat. We can serve it on cold sandwiches, as finger food with a salad or in a light pasta dish. What we don’t serve now will make a good frozen lunch down the road or a quick evening dinner.

5-6 lbs–beef brisket, whole
2-3 cups–tomato sauce (preferably homemade)
1/2 onion–large, preferably sweet, chopped
3 cloves–garlic, minced
rosemary, sage, salt, pepper and Worcestershire sauce to taste.

Add ingredients and about a quart of water into a large enamel cooker at about 275 degrees and cook for about 9 hours. The outside is crisp and falling apart tender.

NOTE–if you’re having trouble finding a whole beef brisket, check your butcher shop or, better yet, head to a farmer’s market and find the meat seller. Ask them where you can get a whole brisket.

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